Will multiple websites help or hurt your business rankings?

Will multiple websites help or hurt your business rankings?

Content Writer: Matt Rowe Matt Rowe Chief Technical Officer

You put a lot of effort into your local search marketing, and it's essential to keep up the best strategies to maintain good search engine rankings. Showing up high in search results is essential, but a simple thing like having more than one domain could be altering your local search results. Sometimes you may wonder if it's best to have multiple websites to increase your chances of ranking highly - perhaps a separate domain for each niche of your company. This strategy can work for some and boost their local search results, but it may not be for every business.

What can several sites do for you?
Having several business websites may seem like a fantastic idea, and in some respects, it can indeed be helpful. When you have more than one domain, you have multiple websites that have the potential to rank highly, which could give you an edge over the competition. Instead of just one website that shows up at the top of search results, you could have two, or even three. Even if your sites don't all rank highly, as searchers scroll through results, they'll see several of your pages and be given more opportunities to click on one.

If your business has various components or offers multiple services, your websites will likely be more niche specific, which could increase traffic for those seeking particular services. Search Engine Watch reported that niche websites are also often more linkable - after all, these links will lead a user directly to the information they need rather than sending them to a nonspecific homepage that may only confuse them. This also gives you the potential to rework your SEO strategy - perhaps narrowing your keyword focus for each niche site will draw in more web visitors and keep them interested in the specialized page.

The downfalls
Think investing in several different sites sounds like a great idea? It may not be once you're spending even more time on your web presence attempting to boost SEO for each domain. You'll need to provide each website with unique, fresh content - something that can get tricky and when you're managing three or four different domains. You won't be able to use the same posts for all of your sites - remember that Google penalizes sites with duplicate content and your sites will likely fall in rankings.

Another potential pitfall of multiple sites is that your viewers may be interested in other services you offer, but have no idea you can provide them. When you have everything well organized on one website, users will be able to browse different pages and see exactly what your business can do for them. If you're satisfied with how your single webpage is ranking, keeping one website may be the best option for your business.

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