YouTube key to SEO strategy

YouTube key to SEO strategy

Content Writer: Matt Rowe Matt Rowe Chief Technical Officer

You probably already know that video can be a great marketing tool when local search engine optimization is your goal. It can boost your search results, making it an effective SEO strategy to try out. But what about using YouTube to increase your SEO results?

You may be hesitant to try adding video content to your SEO strategy because it seems difficult. However, it's fairly simple to optimize your company's video content to receive great results using YouTube.

Using YouTube gives you an unexpected reach. Not many businesses are aware that YouTube is one of the busiest search engines currently in use. Search Engine Journal reported that the website receives more than 14 billion video views each month.That number makes a big difference if you haven't considered video an important part of your SEO strategy. Consumers are increasingly seeking out video content, and it's becoming key to many businesses.

Posting videos on YouTube can increase the number of potential customers you're reaching. If you tag your video content well, your content may have a substantial effect in both YouTube and Google searches. Because Google owns YouTube, optimizing the video website may push your search engine results higher, furthering your local SEO efforts.

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