5 Reasons Google+ is Useful for Local Searches

5 Reasons Google+ is Useful for Local Searches

Content Writer: Matt Rowe Matt Rowe Chief Technical Officer

You put a lot of work and effort into building up your local business and you want to take your marketing to the next level. Instead of fighting it out with larger businesses over generalized search terms in the search engines, turn your eyes to local searches. Google+ Local is a Google + page specifically for your business. Information shows up in Google, along with appearing in local searches and personalized results for Google+ users. Here's a few reasons you want to fill out and verify your Google+ Local page. 

1. Google+ allows you to designate a primary category for your business, as well as secondary categories. This way, even if you aren't specifically targeting a keyword with that particular category in association with your local SEO efforts, you still appear in the local search results. You set these categories when you first create the page for your business. If your business falls into multiple categories, choose the one that is either more important to your business, or needs more help on the SEO front. You want to claim ownership of the page so you are verified in Google+ as the legitimate business owner. This gives you several advantages, such as appearing on Google Maps, getting customer reviews and being marked as verified.

2. User reviews appear on your page and in search results. Instead of dealing with Yelp and other review sites, your Google+ page gives your customers a place to put your review that also appears prominently in search results. In addition, this allows you to address any customer concerns and problems that may have happened during their visit. 

3. Add content to your page. Google+ pages allow you to create blog posts about your company. If you're having a sale or a special, anyone who follows the page sees the update. It's also available for visitors who come directly from search results. Your comments also show up on the page. 

4. Use the social networking features. People can add your page to their circles and you have the option to do the same. This allows you to connect with your customers, speak with them directly, and also interact with other local businesses for networking purposes. The more you connect with customers on Google+, the further your social reach goes. 

5. Post videos on your page. Whether or not you verify your Google+ listing, you have the option to post videos on the page. If you have a handcrafted gift shop business, show off some of the local artisans you promote and their techniques. For restaurants, reveal the most enticing menu items and how you cook them. Add behind the scenes videos, video blogs, and other engaging content to keep your visitors coming back for more. 

Local search engine optimization is critical for your business, but you don't always have the time to add yet another marketing task to your plate. Companies such as RevLocal have extensive experience in the local marketing department. Outsource your Google+ profile creation and maintenance to save time and see what experienced hands can do for your business. 

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