How to Avoid Spamming Your Followers When Advertising Through Social Media

How to Avoid Spamming Your Followers When Advertising Through Social Media

Content Writer: Mike Cook Mike Cook Senior Director of Sales Support & Marketing

RevLocal reported in a recent study out of the U.K. that one Facebook "like" on a company's page is equivalent to 20 visits to its website.  Statistics like this make it tempting for a company to abuse social media as a platform for advertising.  

As advertising begins to pop up in unexpected ways online, like using Google+ to promote products, there has been some backlash.  In fact, experts estimate that the average person is assaulted by 1,600 - 6,000 advertisements every day and have learned to ignore social media ads.  If that number seems outrageous, consider how many ads pop up during a session on Facebook, the number of Twitter feeds that are strictly related to business, messages on the side of a bus, and sponsor signs posted throughout a city.  

Learning to come across as helpful rather than pushy can be the first step in building a successful social media ad campaign. 

Pace Yourself

Think of it as "time-release" for ads.  Give yourself time between posts and make sure that the posts are interesting and useful. Rather than posting daily ads on Facebook, choose to post only a few ads a week in a friendly tone. Respect the readers time and build goodwill. 

Change Your Focus

If your Twitter feed regularly touts your amazing product or services, try to switch tactics.  Rather than talking about yourself, talk about your customers.  This goes back to offering useful information every time you make a post.  Invite potential customers to Tweet you with questions they need answered, or highlight the success of a client you already work with. Focusing on others makes customers feel confident and trusting in your business. 

Consider Cross-Promotions

Have a friend who owns a business?  Take the opportunity to tell positive stories about your experience with him or her, and ask him to occasionally do the same for you.  Again, taking the attention off of your company actually reflects positively on you. 

Be Cool

The main idea is to do everything in moderation. Inspirational quotes often become obnoxious when you use them for advertising. Advertise with a light hand; in a sea of slick salespeople, glossy ads, and large advertising budgets, you can set yourself apart by building relationships one post at a time


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