How Your Facebook Page Will Win the Popularity Contest

How Your Facebook Page Will Win the Popularity Contest

Content Writer: Mike Cook Mike Cook Senior Director of Sales Support & Marketing

Establishing a Facebook page will not automatically grow your business, but growing a popular Facebook page can increase your business's brand recognition, enhance your reputation, draw more visitors to your website and ultimately increase sales. Business owners who enjoy the luxury of a business page with lots of fans should find that marketing new products or services becomes much easier. Of course, those business owners know that establishing and growing a popular Facebook fan page might only look easy after it has been accomplished.

Tips to Make Your Facebook Business Page More Popular

After you have created an attractive page and invited everybody you know to become your fan, you still have work to do. You must encourage interaction among your existing fans, so they spread your news through their own social networks and expand your audience. You do that by engaging people and putting your audience first.

These tips can help your grow your fan base:

  • Consider holding a social contest.
  • Experiment with different types of content and Facebook posts.
  • Make your content cater to your potential customers.

Social contests can be effective and fun, and they offer a great return on your investment. For example, you might ask your existing users to contribute cover art or related tips. When you feature the work of entrants, you can bet they will share their success with friends. Many of those friends are bound to like your page and share your content.

Different consumers seem to react to different types of content, and they also respond well to variety. Test articles, videos, and graphics for audience responses. Try to figure out who your potential customers are. Target your content toward their interests too. Typical business pages enjoy more success when they become useful resources rather than when they just try to sell products or services.

For example, a bakery might publish seasonal recipes for selected holiday treats or promote a free decorating class. A local dentist might publish a video of his talk about good dental care at a local elementary school. This type of content tends to get passed around, and that is particularly true if your content features local adults, children or organizations.

Your engaging, exciting and fun Facebook page can draw all the right types of attention to your local business.

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