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For all the talk of technology, it's still the human element that binds social networks together. And there's nothing more human than complaining about the weather or posting photos from your latest vacation.

Seasonality is an important consideration as you plan your posts, especially as the summer months come into full swing. According to research conducted by Expion, fan actions tend to peak as the weather warms up, meaning that your posts have more punch in summer and fall.

Add Sizzle to Your Social

To start with, consider where your product or service aligns with the summer months.

Some businesses will find this easier than others -- a grill manufacturer, for example, has more obvious sunshine connections than an accountant. But there are always ways to integrate seasonality into your social content. For example:

  • A small business can find a fun way to celebrate July 4th with fans.
  • Use eye-catching images of your product in typically summery scenes, such as on a beach, relaxing in a hammock or enjoying a late sunset.
  • Attend local summer events like county fairs and concerts, then report back to your community on how things went. 
  • Show fans how your place of work deals with the heat and gives employees a chance to cool off.

Having fun with your brand is a surefire way to help customers see you're not all about selling. 

Boost Posts to Fuel Your Fire

We've talked about Facebook's paid advertising boom before, and it's worth reiterating just how much better a well-placed boosted post will perform.

If you see one of your posts getting some natural engagement, or if you have crucial information that you have to drive through the noise, using the "Boost Post" button is the most efficient way to amplify that message. Even a small budget of $10-20 per post can send your post reach soaring into the high thousands, especially during these seasons when fans are more active. 

Adjusting your social media content to reflect the season is a simple tactic to increase engagement on key platforms like Facebook. It takes time to plan the right content and see what works, but once you find that sweet spot, your social will sizzle all summer long!

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