Make Sure Your Small Business is LinkedIn

Make Sure Your Small Business is LinkedIn

Content Writer: Mike Cook Mike Cook Senior Director of Sales Support & Marketing

LinkedIn first launched its company pages in 2010 after a long period of insistence from both businesses and customers. Since then, the platform has transformed into an excellent resource for small business owners, who are thereby able to obtain important contacts. As with Facebook and Twitter pages, LinkedIn business pages also serve as something of an advertisement, proving to page visitors that the business in question is worthy of customer consideration. Business leaders can make a better case for such consideration if their LinkedIn pages are equipped with dozens of excellent endorsements.

Why Do Small Business Pages Need Endorsements?

LinkedIn users often associate endorsements with employee pages, and while these are definitely helpful in landing the average employee a great job, they may be even more beneficial for small business owners. In an age of Yelp reviews and Facebook feedback, customers and clients are eager to learn all they can about the businesses they visit -- and they aren't willing to trust feedback from the business owner alone. Endorsements prove that outsiders respect and appreciate the goods and services your business provides, convincing these prospective customers that your business is worthy of their attention.

How to Score Great LinkedIn Endorsements

Knowing the importance of LinkedIn endorsements and actually obtaining them are two vastly different things. Once you realize how such endorsements can improve your business prospects, it's up to you to actually obtain them. The first, and most basic, key to doing so is conducting your business in a manner that will actually convince customers that you are worthy of endorsement. From there, it's important to share your LinkedIn page; the more people that visit, the more likely you are to receive endorsements. You can share your LinkedIn page on your official website, through Facebook, and even with the help of email marketing.

Some business owners prefer a more proactive approach to obtaining endorsements. In such cases, the "give and you shall receive" edict can prove useful. Find contacts you trust and provide them with detailed, genuine endorsements. Many will be happy to offer you the same in return. If nothing else, taking this approach will greatly improve your visibility, leading to improved LinkedIn traffic.

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