The Importance of Engaging Local Influencers

The Importance of Engaging Local Influencers

Content Writer: Mike Cook Mike Cook Senior Director of Sales Support & Marketing

In order to market your content to a larger audience, you must know exactly how to share it. If you are serious about reaching your potential target audience, then it is a necessity to engage influential members of your community so they start spreading and sharing your ideas. Have you ever looked at some of the top brands such as Coke and Nike? These brands take into account their audience and what their audience wants to hear and know. If you do even a small amount of social listening, you will start to see that these companies are engaging their followers and consumers. In combination with advanced search tactics, which can be found here, you are sure to find success.

Start the Process With Local Social Listening

The key to success with a blog or any form of social media is to start social listening. Social listening involves doing simple market research by listening to those who are talking in your community about subjects related to your project. Once you start listening, you will have a better idea as to who is engaging in these conversations and who are the big influential members of your marketing field. Social listening allows you to find outlets to start talking to these influential people. 

Proper Local Engagement

Once you've done your social listening, it finally is time to start engaging with your market. This means you now know who is influential in your subject or industry, and you are prepared to start engaging them to share content and build a relationship. Proper engagement means having conversations with these influential people. In order to reach a larger user and consumer base, you must engage with people so they share your content with others, causing a ripple effect. Engagement is the key to success in social media and is why anyone, no matter what platform, should at least be on Twitter. Twitter is a tool that makes it easy to talk directly with the people who will make your brand or website huge, so it's essential to utilize its search bar and contact the top people in your industry.

Share the Social

Social media is about having an online social presence. No one likes someone who pushes their content 24/7, so it is important to share other's posts and content as well. You have to seem interested in your community in order to be successful in it, without spamming your followers. Sharing the wealth of social conversation and helping others will build trustworthy relationships that will ultimately help you in the long run. Creating good relationships with your customers and followers is crucial to having social media success.

Be Patient and Succeed

Engaging influential people and being noticed takes time. If you are going to succeed in social media, you will need to embrace a bit of patience and willpower. The stronger you can build your patience, the easier the job will be. Success involves creating a plan, listening to others and engaging over a period of time. Nothing is instant, so be patient!

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