Easy ROI tactics for Facebook

Easy ROI tactics for Facebook

Content Writer: Marc Hawk Marc Hawk Chief Executive Officer

It can be hard enough for a small business owner to even have the time to start a Facebook page, let alone manage it correctly and gain followers. There are usually more pertinent matters to attend to - such as making sure your business stays afloat.

"Some have tried to run a Facebook page and become either frustrated or demotivated enough to stop posting regularly, if at all," Search Engine Watch reports. "A return on your investment in local Facebook marketing, as with any other platform, isn't guaranteed."

So, with no ROI guaranteed, it's normal to have some trepidation when undertaking a large-scale social marketing campaign. It may be better to start off smaller and try to enhance your Facebook presence with actions that take far less time out of your day.

For instance, the news source suggests spending five minutes per day logged into your company's page, Liking and sharing links from businesses relevant to your own. As a result, others are more likely to share your content, you become a source of local information, fans of other pages you interacted with notice your company's name and you foster business relationships that can lead to mutual exposure and joint discounts.

This tactic is also effective for companies that simply run out of things to post - a common occurrence that can result in sporadic updates and less loyal followers. Aside from posting content from relevant businesses, the media outlet suggests simply telling your fans what you're doing. This can range from updating them about an event you're holding, or asking them for opinions on new products you're carrying or plan to invest in. You can also ask what they thought the last time they visited your store - just be sure you're open to constructive criticism.

Another quick and easy way to improve Facebook presence is to put your Facebook URL on everything.

"Get (consumers) onto the one platform that will help you to keep their attention on an ongoing basis, wherever and whenever they're on Facebook," the media outlet explains.

Add a URL or QR code to printed receipts and sales orders, bags and other packaging, email signatures, in-store signage and print, and TV or radio ads.

Performing these tactics is likely to improve your ROI in half the time it takes to run a full-fledged Facebook local internet marketing campaign. It's also more effective because you're likely to gain actual conversions instead of empty traffic.

"Five-hundred visitors with a high conversion rate are more valuable to your business than 20,000 visitors who never bring you a dime," notes MarketingProfs.

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