Is Twitter Getting into E-Commerce?

Could Twitter be getting into e-commerce? Sources say it's likely. Twitter tends to be secretive about what it does, so when folks at Techcrunch and Re/code start talking about Twitter getting into the e-commerce game using their social media, you know things may be serious.

Rumors of Internet Deals

According to Re/code, unnamed sources claim that Twitter is in negotiations with Stripe, a startup company that handles credit card payments. Not surprisingly, spokespersons for both Twitter and Stripe declined to comment, which almost assures those in-the-know, that something is going on behind closed doors with the two Internet powerhouses.

Stripe, though a relative newcomer to the Internet, has a $40 million backing from investors, making them very attractive to a social media network like Twitter. Stripe has application programming interfaces (APIs) that are particularly attractive to Internet retailers. Those APIs might be easily customized for tweets.

What is Twitter Selling?

What exactly will Twitter be selling? There's plenty of speculation but no definitive product. A possible leaked mock-up of Twitter sales further tantalizes those paying attention. The mock-up shows tweeted advertisements in users' feed streams. It also shows products purchased by people who you follow, thus making it easy for you to purchase products that you might like. 

It's likely that Twitter will choose various products and offer them to users, possibly according to their tweets, their buying history and their friends' buying histories. Imagine being able to find the thing that you were looking for right in your Twitter feed and being able to purchase it without having to look for through various merchants across the Web.

Other Potential Scenarios

Twitter could use what is called its "cards" technology. With it, a user could send an order for processing via a tweet to a company.  The company could take the payment right there. This would be extremely handy to someone who is looking for a particular item and sees it on Twitter. This user wouldn't even have to go to the company's web page to purchase the item, thus making a seamless transaction for both the user and the merchant.

More Twitter Buzz: Twitter is Hiring

Twitter looks serious about its e-commerce. It's looking to hire the following positions: commerce product marketing manager, commerce product manager and a senior manager for commerce partnerships. According to Techcrunch, Twitter isn't offering any more information than what is in the advertisements, making it topic for interesting speculation. According to Techcrunch, one job description includes:

  • Make commerce on Twitter a must have for merchants and fantastic experience for consumers.
  • Make build, buy, or partner recommendations for various aspects of the product solution.
  • Communicate product vision and priorities to internal and external stakeholders.
  • Lead a cross-functional team of engineering, design, product marketing, business development and sales research to build amazing products for our users and our commerce clients.

Well, whatever Twitter does, it's sure to make a splash in the upcoming months. 

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