8 Traits of a Perfect Facebook Post

As vital as Facebook is to any social media marketing mix, it's becoming more and more difficult to get your message heard. Between the noise and its drive toward promoted posts, organic reach has dipped as low as single digit percentages for some business pages.

Even so, Facebook still wants to present its users with updates that they like and care about. It can't ignore business content that regularly resonates with people, so as long as you craft consistently valuable posts, engagement and reach will remain high.

What Makes a Great Facebook Post?

There are many factors that contribute to a popular post. Although they can vary by audience, the following eight traits are hallmarks of engaging, shareable Facebook posts:

  1. Evokes an emotion - When people care they share, whether it's funny, sad, or just plain infuriating (we advise to avoid inciting riots on your business page.)
  2. Provides value - If your post can solve a common problem for your audience, they're likely to thank you (and pass it on to others).
  3. Has a strong visual - The image is the first thing to catch the eye, so make sure it stands out from the stream.
  4. Often topical - Relating to news and current events helps to add context, and at the same time it helps to catch some of the attention aimed at the wider issue.
  5. Timed just right - From personal and professional experience, know when a majority of your audience is online. Showing up at the right time helps to increase visibility and engagement.
  6. Asks for a response - Whether to answer a question or a call to act, posts that ask something encourage people to interact.
  7. Supports a cause - It's not always possible, but any update that spreads awareness or raises money for a good cause is more likely to be liked and shared.
  8. Repeatable (after review) - Monitor the performance of past posts via Facebook Insights. Learn what goes over best with your audience, and channel that into future posts. 

Introduce as many of these characteristics as possible into your Facebook updates for a reach increase that will delight customers and confound competitors. 

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Great Article!

Great article, Mike! You nailed this one!!! Thank You :-)

Tuesday, May 27, 2014 by Roy Holcombe