Local Search Marketing and Facebook: Common Mistakes

Local Search Marketing and Facebook: Common Mistakes

Content Writer: Mike Cook Mike Cook Senior Director of Sales Support & Marketing

These days, it's nearly impossible to establish an effective local marketing campaign without incorporating social media into your formula. If used correctly, Facebook can serve as your most effective social media platform, providing you with an easy way to both advertise your business and share vital updates with dedicated customers. But while the social media platform can be vastly beneficial to your local marketing campaign, it may also prove disastrous if used incorrectly. The following are a few of the biggest mistakes to avoid as you establish local credibility on Facebook:

Overdoing Post Frequency

Yes, post frequent updates to your professional Facebook page, but too many updates can actually drive fans away. Your followers want to see the occasional gem from your account, but they're not interested in constantly being bombarded with link bait. Resist the urge to post every single tiny development; instead, share a few select links or statuses that are most likely to garner audience appreciation.

Overdoing Post Length

The cliché less is more definitely applies to Facebook marketing and not just in terms of post frequency. When you do share an update with followers, you want to strive for something just long enough to capture viewer interest, but not so long as to force fans to scan through massive blocks of text. The general rule of thumb is to keep all updates between 100 and 200 characters, which is roughly one to two lines long. Image centric content consistently outperforms text only content. Keep that in mind the next time you post.

Sharing Irrelevant Posts

If you take the high road and cut back on your post frequency, it will become all the more important for you to ensure that every single update is as valuable as possible. Thus, you need to resist the urge to share content that fails to relate to your organization's main goal, as it will only distract followers from the true purpose of your page. That's not to say that every post should be a direct advertisement, but fans should be able to draw some parallel between your product or service and the content you've decided to share.

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