Social Media: 5 Best Practices for Business Profiles and Pages

Social Media: 5 Best Practices for Business Profiles and Pages

Content Writer: Mike Cook Mike Cook Senior Director of Sales Support & Marketing

Your business needs social media outlets for marketing in a day when viewers spend their time online and browsing social pages. For exposure and inexpensive marketing, make sure your business is in the business of being social.

Be Choosy

Not every social media platform is fit for your business and, more importantly, too many social media outlets may be too much and go unmanned. Before signing up for a Facebook page, Twitter account, Instagram profile or any other social media account, make sure you are choosy and able to really commit to your account. An unmanned account will look worse than no account.

Consistency in Posting

Stay consistent in posting on a frequent and regular basis. Social pages that maintain a consistent presence are the most successful. Here are some handy rules of thumb:

Post at least once per week. If you can manage a more aggressive strategy, do so.

Don’t confuse platforms! Treat Twitter as Twitter, and so on… 

Ignoring the Negative (or not)

Negative comments can be detrimental to a company when they go without a professional and courteous response from the company or a company spokesperson.

More than Just Self-Serving

Social marketing may be a tool for promoting your business, but too much self-serving promotion and your viewers will quickly lose interest. Instead, consider the many marketing strategies you can use and offer a frequent flow of relevant content. Don’t be afraid to provide valuable content from other sources; not everything you publish has to lead back to your own company—providing important studies, articles and other such items will prove to your audience that you go beyond your own interests.

What Counts as Relevant Content?

Content relevant to your customers is more than just your newest product line, service or business news. Your target market is comprised of individuals that have interests and concerns; by providing content that goes beyond what they can purchase from you or how they should care about your company, you provide value for free. This free value will make your company invaluable and a clear leader in your industry.

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