SEO and SEM: What's in an Acronym?

SEO and SEM: What's in an Acronym?

Content Writer: Matt Rowe Matt Rowe Chief Technical Officer

For small business marketing, advertising online is a key to developing a high conversion rate. Using search engine marketing (SEM) means buying ads that are strategically placed on webpages that attract consumers who are interested in your business. The cost is affordable because the software is set up to charge by the click. You are only paying for ad viewers that actually make it to your online store or website. Search engine optimization (SEO) is just a part of SEM. Search engine optimization works to promote your site by evaluating the relevance your website pages or blogs have to a topic someone is searching for.

The philosophy of pay-per-click search engine marketing is a force of optimal use of technology, to compliment your top-level human marketing talent. You want your PPC campaign to improve your results but not to become the determining factor.

When using a marketing strategy platform, it is wise to include an understandable platform of indicators encompassing:

  • exciting and relevant landing pages
  • keyword strategy with revolving research and evaluative process
  • developing highly responsive ad copy
  • A/B tests
  • relevant ad test data
  • concise campaign optimization

Within this dream list, the only goal is still to ensure that consumers performing keyword searches will easily find your site and, through proper marketing, increased traffic to your site equals the highest conversion rate in your industry.

Successful SEM equals your brand meeting the consumer first, meaning that you have to be where the customers are when then need you. This requires tailoring your online technology to your client's preferences. Your marketers must know products that can give you the competitive edge in SEM data. Quality SEO brings high-ranked search results to the table, but the composition of the whole SEM tailored package is the essence of changing searchers into active, loyal customers.

Small to medium businesses that are serious about increasing their visibility in SERPs have an opportunity with RevLocal to maximize their marketing budget ROI using a tailored campaign of effective local search, digital advertising, effective content blogging and social media. Let's start your brand make-over today.

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