Beginner tips for SEO-friendly Twitter accounts

Beginner tips for SEO-friendly Twitter accounts

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You're likely already using social media to improve your web presence, but did you know you can optimize Twitter to boost your local search engine optimization? It's easy to implement an SEO strategy into your social networking profiles, and using Twitter is an effective way to boost your business' search engine rankings.

If you want to begin using Twitter as part of your SEO strategy, you'll need to start at the beginning. One of the first things you'll do on Twitter is give yourself a username, and that name needs to correctly represent your brand. Make your name something easy-to-read and recognizable so potential customers remember your business. Keep your username short and sweet, and use abbreviations if necessary to keep you within the character limit.

You can create a short biography on your Twitter account, so why not make it SEO-friendly? Even though you're limited to a certain number of characters, a short bio can be a big SEO help. Don't just throw in as many keywords as you can - carefully incorporate them within your educational information. Like writing any other SEO content, this bio should be informative and catchy, but still include a few keywords.

Tweet content
Once you have your profile set up, it's time to start posting SEO-optimized tweets. Include keywords in your posts frequently to try to help your search rankings. To gather more attention and be seen as a leader, try to retweet recent posts from others in your industry. If your content is engaging, informative and interesting, others may retweet your posts, which will help you gain traction and followers on the social media site.

Retweeting is mutually beneficial to both posters and gives followers the impression that your content is more than self-promotion. The more retweets you receive, the more of an expert you'll appear to be.

Like any other SEO strategy, it's important to know how often to tweet to make Twitter an effective local search tool. Don't log in just once a day and post as many tweets as possible in an hour. Space out your posts by tweeting and retweeting at different times throughout the day. Avoid irritating your followers by waiting an hour or more between posts. Don't keep tweeting for no reason - make sure the information you post is informative and relevant.

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