Email marketing: Taking a Page From Twitter to Craft Clickable Headlines

Email marketing: Taking a Page From Twitter to Craft Clickable Headlines

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When it comes to email marketing, the subject line is the cover of your book. And people will judge a book by its cover. After all, the subject line is the first impression of your marketing campaign. As such, it must be click-worthy, interesting and informative, all without revealing too much at once. And so, in order to better craft clickable email subject lines, let us first take a page out of Twitter's book.

Since its inception, Twitter has inspired us to learn the art of creative brevity. In 140 characters or fewer, we must successfully convey our point by connecting with our intended audience. This is done through proper hashtagging and word choice.

In a similar fashion, an email subject line must succinctly jive with its intended recipient. Throughout the day, we are constantly bombarded with emails. As such, a catchy subject line followed by a well thought out email is more likely to stay in the inbox rather than be sent directly to the trash or spam. Just as a successful tweet caters to the appropriate audience, so too must your subject line be memorable and thought provoking. Unlike a tweet, you aren't looking for people to share your email based off of the subject line; rather, you are hoping to catch their attention so that when they do open your email, it is with a pair of attentive eyes.

Speaking of the importance of sharing, have you ever thought of adding an embedded Twitter icon to your email marketing campaigns? This can be an important feature for helping to improve the reach and success of your email marketing campaign. It is important to note that not everyone likes to forward emails. Sometimes customers will prefer to share the emailed content via social media. The aforementioned action of the recipient simultaneously helps the sender (i.e., you and your email campaign), and also brings more people to their social media pages. This dual tactic is a more preferred method over simply forwarding an email along to the next interested party. And so, when it comes to creating your next email marketing campaign, be sure to add in the most relevant social media links.

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