Getting noticed on Twitter harder than ever before

Getting noticed on Twitter harder than ever before

Content Writer: Marc Hawk Marc Hawk Chief Executive Officer

Twitter is no longer just one large online cocktail party. Because of its vast popularity and saturation (it's growing at a rate of 11 accounts per second), brands, influencers and entrepreneurs are now in a ruthless battle for attention, Search Engine Watch reports.

So what are some best practices to get found? You need to optimize certain aspects - such as your profile - as well as implement an effective retweet strategy, deliver the correct tweet structure and remain personable.

For instance, it's best to mix your real personality in with business-related tweets, because robotic posters will come off as spam-like and lead to unfollows. Social media is exactly that - social - so make sure you provide some sort of human factor to your posts.

"If you're going to join the conversation on Twitter, one of the most important things to remember is to keep it real," Twitter expert Tracey Falke told the news source. "Talk about your favorite band or throw in a comment about something outside of business like yoga, something that shows you are real."

What's more, creating a profile with a picture and bio isn't quite as simple as it seems. Remove that default egg from your photo and add a high-quality, possibly branded image. It is important, however, that your name is used as the filename, since Twitter automatically uses your name in the profile settings as the ALT tag for your image. Also, for SEO purposes, try using keywords in your username and bio, or even a hashtag or link to another Twitter handle.

In terms of hashtags, they should be part of your tweet structure and retweet strategy.

For example, the most effective tweet usually contains a headline or phrase, followed by a link and a hashtag if applicable. If you have a long headline, however, it's best to place the link in the middle of the post, spreading out your message among two different sentences or phrases as it's been determined that the eye is more attracted to links in the middle of a post rather than placed at the end. It's also best to avoid starting a tweet with a hashtag - it gives off a robotic vibe.

Hashtags can help get you noticed in niche circles, the media outlet states. Performing a simple keyword search can help determine the most popular hashtags that best fit your topic area.  

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