The Importance of Twitter For Business Marketing

The Importance of Twitter For Business Marketing

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These days the business marketing scene revolves around social media. No business is complete without its own Facebook and Twitter pages. Utilizing key tools and functionality built into Twitter allows businesses to stay on top of trends and up to date with what the market is interested in. Through proper market analysis companies can get in tune with their key demographics and start full fledged Twitter marketing campaigns that reach out to a large number of people. These campaigns can be set up and created by communicating with targeted influencers on Twitter that will, through word of mouth, create more brand awareness and act as brand ambassadors.

Twitter Marketing Campaigns's article 10 Twitter Marketing Strategies that Ecommerce Merchants Should Know, illustrates the importance of post scheduling and Twitter analytics. The article maintains that Twitter holds "the power of the people," the strongest tool towards building brand recognition and establishing a strong digital marketing campaign. With the large user base that utilizes twitter and makes tweets every day, the potential to reach a large audience on Twitter is high and can easily be done with a properly managed and targeted add campaign. The social media world is a world based around keywords and analytics, knowing how to work with them is truly the first step towards building a brand in the modern era.

Twitter Keywords

If a business wants to gain momentum within the social media world, they can do so most easily through the use of Twitter's keyword system. Keywords on Twitter are executed through the use of hashtags represented with the "#" symbol in front of a word. By utilizing proper hashtags that incorporate product names and brand names, a business can spread and track who is talking about their brand, as well as keep conversations about the brand interconnected, thus leading people back to the brands website for increased ROI. Through these hashtags, brands can establish a global or local presence and easily gain a foothold in the world of internet marketing. It is important to utilize these hashtags in a way that is incorporated with analytical research. This will allow social media marketers working for a brand to keep track of the actual progress and sales that are being made by those who are talking about the brand through Twitter.

Taking Control Today

Twitter is a fresh new way for businesses to advertise their products and services. states that over "93% of marketers use social media for business." It allows businesses to appear trendy and up to date and reach those who are interested in their product. When a famous person or an influencer tweets or hashtags a business or its product, instant exposure can be gained, leading to more sales. Utilizing Twitter in the digital era is a sound business practice that every business should incorporate.

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