Twitter link placement not as obvious as it seems

Twitter link placement not as obvious as it seems

Content Writer: Mike Cook Mike Cook Senior Director of Sales Support & Marketing

Because you're limited to 140 characters or fewer, local SEO strategies on Twitter are slightly more arduous than they are on Facebook.

However, social media scientist Dan Zarrella has discovered one trick of the trade involving a post's link placement.

It may typically be assumed that the best (and most natural) position to get the most clicks when adding a link to a post is at the end. Zarrella challenged these preconceived notions by gathering around 200,000 random tweets that used link shortener, and used the product's application programming interface (API) to calculate click-through rates.

On his blog, Zarrella visualizes his findings in a heat map, which reveals that the optimal area for clicks is actually around 25 percent of the way through a tweet. Businesses should take note of these findings and experiment accordingly.

On a related note, search marketing company Seer Interactive points out that you can use Twitter's search bar as part of a link-building strategy. Queries for "guest post" or "guest author" filtered for your specific industry can bring tweets that contain websites to which guest writers have contributed. This can be a great way to find sites that regularly accept guest blogs, thus expanding your company's link building strategy.  

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