Twitter releases 2011 tweets-per-second leaders

Twitter releases 2011 tweets-per-second leaders

Content Writer: Matt Rowe Matt Rowe Chief Technical Officer

Twitter recently announced the topics that received the most tweets per second (TPS) in 2011, information that is not only informative, but telling for marketers trying to determine which dates to focus on next year.

Specific events that can't be predicted by marketers but nonetheless provoked the most tweets included the execution of convicted murder Troy Davis (7,671 TPS), Steve Jobs' resignation from Apple (7,064 TPS) and Steve Jobs' death (6,049 TPS).

Annual events that provoked the most tweets included the MTV Video Awards (the occasion with the most tweets at 8,868 TPS), New Years Day (6,939 TPS), the BET Awards (6,436 TPS) and the NBA Finals (5,531 TPS).

Search Engine Land reports that the Steve Jobs tweets are the most significant because they weren't related to an event that you were able to view on your TV screen and immediately tweet about - rather they were news stories that spread like wildfire virally through social media channels.

Also of note was a sustained tweet figure released by Twitter, which revealed that Osama bin Laden's death saw a period of nearly 3,000 TPS maintained for a length of two hours, a record prior to Jobs' death. 

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