Use Promoted Tweets to create product buzz

Use Promoted Tweets to create product buzz

Content Writer: Mike Cook Mike Cook Senior Director of Sales Support & Marketing

Twitter's Promoted Tweets are an effective way to market your product, company or service. When used correctly, this function can build brand reach and engagement and create a viral "chatterstorm" about your business that can positively affect visibility and sales.

Promoted Tweets are simply ordinary tweets that have been purchased by advertisers in an attempt to reach a more expansive audience and stir up conversation, according to Search Engine Watch.

Here's how a Promoted Tweet campaign works: After a tweet is paid for, Twitter vaults the message to the top of a user's timeline - assuming the tweet is relevant to that person's interests. The tweet topic can also show up in the Promoted Trend results section on the site's right side, further increasing buzz about your company.

The news source recommends that whoever is in charge of your company's social media functions also include[s] a hashtag with the tweet. The tag should be relevant to the product, campaign or upcoming event and be included in all Promoted Tweets.

Furthermore, it's suggested that a campaign contain at least six rotating tweets, all with links to a specific landing page. This allows for tweaks based on user feedback and the ability to add information.

A Promoted Tweets campaign will fail, however, if the tweet itself is too "salesy, pushy or out of sync with [users'] interests," the media outlet notes. Twitter users are internet savvy and will recognize when a campaign is overly promotional.

It's important to remember that your campaign doesn't end with the Promoted Tweet. Once the seed is planted, it's the company's job to continue tweeting informational, sharable content, such as access to free white papers, blog posts, webinars, exclusive video content, games, contests or deals.

Twitter also has tools to help measure return-on-investment of your campaign, allowing your business to determine which messages are working and which aren't creating necessary traffic.

Mashable reports that Twitter plans to unveil additional ad formats in the coming months, such as rich media ads that allow photo- and video-based advertising to appear in users' timelines.

Twitter CEO Dick Costolo was giddy about the success of the company's monetization efforts, explaining that "[Promoted Tweets] is working better than we could have ever hoped" during an interview at the Web 2.0 Summit in San Francisco.  

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