42 Valentine’s Day Slogans to Win Your Customers’ Hearts

We’ve put together a list of Valentine’s Day slogans, email subject lines and social media captions that you can use to elevate your holiday marketing campaigns.

42 Valentine’s Day Slogans to Win Your Customers’ Hearts

Cupid has his arrow notched and ready to go because it’s almost Valentine’s Day! With up to 52% of consumers planning to celebrate the day of love and 35% shopping for gifts online, it’s the perfect time to use some heartfelt messaging in your digital marketing campaign.

We thought we’d be oh-so-sweet and offer up a list of premade Valentine’s Day slogans, email subject lines and social media captions to help you to use. Check out options for each of the following occasions:

  •  Any business
  • Sales
  • Gifts
  • Services
  • Social media
  • Last-Minute messaging

Slogans and Subject Lines for Any Business

Let’s start with some general Valentine’s Day messaging that works with a variety of campaigns and businesses. Steal these and your customers’ hearts:

  1.  Roses are red, violets are blue, we’re wishing Happy Valentine’s Day to you!
  2. Open for a Valentine’s Day treat!
  3. Here’s a reason to celebrate…
  4. To: [customer name], Love: Us—Open for a surprise!
  5. We’re showering you with love this Valentine’s Day
  6. Hey, [customer name]. Wanna be our Valentine?
  7. Open for a love letter 😍

Subject Lines for Sales

Americans are expected to spend an estimated $26 billion celebrating Valentine’s Day this year. That’s more than $190 per person. Sweet talk them into spending that money on your products with some of these savings-focused Valentine’s Day email subject lines:

  1. We ❤️ our customers (and this sale proves it)
  2. We’re heart-eyes for these savings
  3. Fall head over heels for these deals
  4. This sale is even better than chocolates…
  5. Savings you can’t help but love
  6. Hot deals coming your way!
  7. We’re showing you some love with a Valentine’s Day sale

Slogans & Subject Lines for Gifts

Planning to center your Valentine’s Day marketing strategy around gift-giving? Here are some messaging options that help you spread the love this February 14th:

  1. Move over Cupid, our gift guides are doing the matchmaking
  2. The perfect gift to say ‘I Love You’
  3. XX gifts we’re loving this Valentine’s Day
  4. You can’t say ‘Be Mine’ without the perfect gift
  5. A special gift for your special someone
  6. Treat yo’ self to a special gift
  7. Gifts to shower your bestie with love

Subject Lines for Services

Just because you don’t offer a specific product doesn’t mean you can’t get in on the Valentine’s Day love. Promote your services with these email subject lines:

  1. You + Our services = A perfect match
  2. Treat yourself to [your service] for Valentine’s Day
  3. Roses are red, violets are blue—this special is just for you!
  4. We ❤️ practical gifts. Give [your service] for Valentine’s Day.
  5. Show your lawn some love today
  6. Your pooch would paws-itvely love a groom this Valentine’s Day
  7. X reasons people are falling for our [service]

Slogans for Social Media

A good social media post can make customers fall head over heels for your business or product. Especially when you factor in that 60% of Generation Z and 56% of millennial social media users will do some of their holiday shopping via Instagram, TikTok, Facebook and similar channels. Here are a few catchy captions to try out:

  1. Should we upgrade our ‘just friends’ status?
  2. We love, love 🥰 tag your Valentine in the comments!
  3. GIVEAWAY! Like & share this post to be entered for a special Valentine’s Day treat!
  4. Show us some love for our new Valentine’s Day Collection ❤️
  5. Hint hint: this would make the perfect gift for a certain holiday coming up… 💝
  6. 👀 A sneak peek at new arrivals for Valentine’s Day
  7. ❤️JUST DROPPED ❤️ The sweetest new arrivals. Head to our website to check them out.

Slogans & Subject Lines for Last-Minute Shoppers

Procrastinators are going to procrastinate. Remind them time is running out to shower their sweetheart (or themselves!) in affection with one of these Valentine's Day slogans:

  1. Last-minute gifts for your Valentine
  2. There’s still time! Shop Valentine’s Day gifts
  3. Order now for delivery by Valentine’s Day
  4. Did you miss our Valentine’s Day Collection? Last chance to get it in time!
  5. You almost missed Treat Yourself season!
  6. You didn’t almost forget; you were waiting for this sale
  7. ✋ STOP scrolling… This is your last chance for Valentine’s Day gifts

Final Thoughts

A gifting-focused holiday like Valentine’s Day is a great time to take advantage of your email list and social channels to promote your products or services. Use these Valentine’s Day slogans, subject lines, or captions to connect with your audience in a fun way. They can help you stand out in your customer’s inbox and drive them to make a purchase or learn more about you.

If we charmed you with our thoughtful messaging and you’d like some more free advice on how to improve the current digital marketing strategy for your business, reach out to RevLocal for a consultation today.

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