6 Digital Marketing Trends to Prepare for in 2023

2023 will bring digital marketers new opportunities and new challenges unlike years past. Read on to learn how to equip your business for success in the new year!

Talking about digital marketing trends

Digital marketing trends in 2023 are smarter and sleeker than ever. With the help of AI technology and tools becoming more user friendly and intuitive, 2023 digital marketing wins will belong to marketers who know their brand and know exactly which tools and strategies will communicate it best.

Here’s a quick breakdown of what to prepare for next year:  

  • Email marketing stays strong
  • Video content is now a major player that’s here to stay
  • Long-term marketing relationships with social media influencers are growing
  • User generated content is becoming the norm
  • Real time messaging is expected and effective
  • Utilize Interactive content

Let’s dive in!

1. Email Marketing Stays Strong

This digital marketing strategy isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. Email marketing is one of the few strategies that allows digital marketers to send hyper-personalized messages directly to current, past, or potential buyers with a precision no other tool has mastered quite yet.

Keeping your email lists up to date is imperative to marketing effectively! Running frequent tests and keeping an eye on open rates, click-through rates, unsubscribes, and new subscriptions are all key to succeeding with email marketing.

While you might think of maximizing word counts with email, adding visual interest by including images, videos, gifs, and memes can help keep the reader’s attention by breaking up any text-heavy email sends.

2. Video Content is Now a Major Player That’s Here to Stay

Video content has taken marketing strategies by storm over the past few years and, in 2023, going without it simply isn’t an option. If your business isn’t consistently putting out compelling video content, you’re missing a large attention market.

Platforms and features like TikTok, YouTube Shorts and Instagram Reels have created a promising yet difficult ecosystem for marketers to tap into. Short-form video content is king, and advertisers have about one second to catch someone’s interest before they scroll by. If your video is too long, it will get passed up and the algorithms will take note that users aren’t finishing your videos.

Keeping videos between 30-60 seconds, or shorter, is best for keeping attention and for pleasing the algorithms.

With video content, it’s important that your business publishes a variety of different types. A few suggested pillars are:

  • Educational
  • Entertainment
  • Mood

Entertainment content inspires laughs, tears and shares. Think of it as a mini movie! Educational content can be how-to videos, explainer videos, or did you know videos. Mood content is anything that gets across a specific feeling you want to associate with your brand. Mood content can be achieved with or without dialogue and is largely incumbent on the video quality, film style and sounds used to create the video.

Some studies show that Americans spend about 3 hours per day consuming video content. With such a large market at stake, investing in video marketing is an important move for your business’s success in 2023.

3. Long-term Marketing Relationships with Social Media Influencers 

Influencer marketing is becoming more and more popular and thus more and more important for businesses to take advantage of.

The secret to influencer marketing’s success is one word: authenticity. Social media users can spot an ad from a mile away and don’t respond well to salesy language and calls-to-action. Influencer marketing allows businesses to recruit personalities and influencers who already have audiences to promote products in an authentic and seamless way. Think of social media influencers as micro-celebrities. Whatever they say, wear, do or consume, others follow!

Influencers are typically very willing to partner with and promote brands whose values they believe in! When pitching to an influencer it’s important to already have confidence that their brand and your brand are in alignment. After all, your company asking an influencer to advertise a product can say something about their reputation as well. In your pitch, spelling out your brand’s values, mission, sourcing standards and similar information is a great start to that relationship.

You don’t need a huge number of influencers talking about and promoting your product or service; just one or two at a time with whom you can form a long-term relationship with!

4. User Generated Content is Becoming the Norm

User generated content (UGC) is content that actual users of your product or service create to share about your business. These users don’t have to be influencers and typically their content will be shared by your business.

There are casting agencies where you can find users to create content for you or you can create in-house content! You can also rely on content from your business’s reviews and pull content from those.

Utilizing UGC helps your business publish authentic reactions from real people who have tried and love your products. You can share your favorite UGC on social media, in video form, in testimonials on your website, and so much more!

5. Real Time Messaging is Expected and Effective

Whether you use an AI bot or have customer service representatives ready to handle live website chats, real time message conversations are effective digital marketing tools. Not only do you get user data such as a name and email to use in other marketing campaigns, you create a personal relationship with the customer which builds trust and brand loyalty.

Answering questions and offering information on-demand about your business’s products or services communicates that your company has a high value for their customers and their experience.

Chats are effective tools during business hours as well as after hours. Consumers might feel more comfortable chatting online than having a phone conversation and they can get answers via a online chat if something comes up after hours.

With more and more businesses implementing chatbots and other real time messaging features like texting and social media direct messages, make sure yours is up to speed!

6. Utilize Interactive Content

Interactive content thrives off the power of gamification. When you publish interactive content, it provides users a fun way to get to know your brand and get immediate value from your business.

Some examples of interactive content are:

These tools are also great for harvesting data and posting as shareable content on social media!

Final thoughts…

All six of these 2023 trends offer huge value for your business! The good news is, every strategy is easily accessible for your business to implement. Whether you have an in-house marketing team or run a one-person show, you can take advantage of all of these digital marketing strategies in the new year.

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