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RevLocal Marketing Platform Guides & How-Tos

Explore our how-to video series designed to guide you through the ins and outs of effectively utilizing the RevLocal Marketing Platform.

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Get the Most Out of Your Marketing Platform

The RevLocal Marketing Platform is expertly crafted to evolve alongside your business, strengthening the connection between you, your marketing strategy and our dedicated strategists.

Our how-to videos simplify the process with step-by-step guidance to help you unleash the full potential of the Revlocal Marketing Platform. From understanding its features to implementing additional techniques, this video series will allow you to navigate the world of digital marketing with ease. 

Main Dashboard Overview:

  • Access the performance dashboard to gain insights and progress tracking for all your products.
  • Easily update your business and holiday hours, keeping your customers well-informed.
  • Utilize the file library to upload essential files and efficiently update your online presence.
  • Access billing details and review your invoice history, simplifying financial management.

Location Details Overview:

    • Access a directory of information for your selected location under the "Location Details" tab.
    • Easily view thumbnails of files you've uploaded and add more files with just a few clicks.
    • Discover location details such as your featured message, business description, website URL, service areas and more.
    • View and edit your operating hours when you navigate to the "Business Hours" tab.

    Business Hours Overview:

    • Modify your business hours as needed with a few simple steps.
    • Customize your hours for each day of the week, including split hours for lunch breaks.
    • Keep your customers informed by updating holiday hours efficiently.

    Scheduling Calls Overview:

      • Streamline the call scheduling process through the "Help and Support" tab, and click on "Schedule A Call" in the upper right corner.
      • Choose the type of meeting you'd like and select a suitable time based on your strategist's availability.
      • After providing your information and a brief message, your scheduled meeting will create a new event on your strategist's calendar, and you'll receive an invitation to the scheduled call.

      File Library Overview:

      • Upload files using either your location details or the dedicated "Upload Photos" button on the main dashboard.
      • Efficiently upload up to 25 files at once, streamlining your file management process.
      • Organize files by category and add brief descriptions.
      • Maintain control by easily editing or removing files as needed.

      Tracking Performance Data Overview:

        • Utilize the "Awareness" tile to monitor the total impressions across all your online profiles.
        • Gauge the overall clicks and engagement by accessing the "Consideration" tile.
        • Quantify your leads from tracked calls, form submissions and directional clicks through the "Decision" tile.
        • Find tabs for each of your services alongside more data with metrics specific to each service, or check out your data in the "Leads" tab, where you will see your data aggregated across all of your services.

        Billing Center Overview:

          • Check your account balance using the "Make a Payment" button.
          • Simply click "Manage" to switch your chosen payment method.
          • Scroll through and explore different tabs: "My Services," which provides a list of your subscribed services, "Invoice History" for convenient access to past invoices, "Payment History" to track your payment records and "Chat History" to review your chat interactions and billing details.

          Change Payment Overview:

          • Access the billing center to easily change your preferred payment method.
          • Choose between a credit card or bank account, ensuring flexible payment options for your convenience.
          • Ensure your banking details are current, freeing you to manage your business while we optimize your marketing.