What Are Local Services Ads and How Can You Get Started?

What Are Local Services Ads and How Can You Get Started?

At RevLocal, one of the questions that we often get is “what are Local Services Ads, and what can they do for my business?”

Formerly known as Home Services Ads, Google created Local Services Ads, also called LSAs, to give home services businesses like electricians or locksmiths the chance to advertise their business at the top of Google search results.

Are you interested in learning more? Watch our series of videos below or read on to see how you can get started with running LSAs for your business today! 

What Are Local Services Ads?

Unlike regular Google search ads like AdWords ads that are pay-per-click, Local Services Ads are pay-per-lead, meaning you will only be charged by Google if your Local Services Ad gets your business a lead.

When your business signs up to run a Local Services Ad, you are also eligible for the Google Guarantee. With the Google Guarantee, Google will refund up to $2,000 of your customer's job if they aren't satisfied with the quality of the work.

And, any business that is Google Guaranteed will receive a badge that shows up next to their Local Services Ad, showing potential customers that your business has undergone a background check and is trusted by Google.

How to Get Started With Local Services Ads

Getting started with LSAs is pretty simple, but the process involves a lot of paperwork to determine your eligibility and can take a while before your business is ready to run the ads.  

Here's how it works:

1. You must determine your industry and location eligibility. 

When you first sign up to run a Local Services Ad for your business, you have to make sure that your business is eligible within a specific market. LSAs are still rolling out across the country and your business may be in an industry that isn't covered yet.

Additionally, because Local Services Ads are still relatively new, they might not have rolled out to your location yet. To determine both industry and location eligibility, check out the Google Local Services Ads page or check with your digital marketing strategist.

2. You'll have to submit documentation to prove you're a trustworthy business.

Google needs to ensure that you're a business they can fully support and will ask you for many different forms of documentation to back that up. 

This includes:

  • Your professional business license number
  • Background checks from every client-facing employee, the business entity and every business owner
  • Your insurance certificate

Google may even need more documentation based on specific license restrictions by your county, state and/or industry, so be sure to check with your Google representative or digital marketing strategist when submitting paperwork. 

How Do Local Services Ads Work for Customers?

So, you now know a little more about Local Services Ads and what all you need to do to get started. But, what do Local Services Ads look like for customers, and what do your customers, in particular, see when they find your business through an LSA?

First, a customer will look up a service that they need on Google. At the top of Google, there will be Local Services Ads of businesses with the Google Guarantee badge, a call-to-action, and their phone number and business hours under their name. 

When they click on a Local Services Ads, a drop-down menu will appear displaying a list of service options to choose from, as well as a search bar to find a business within their ZIP code.

Once that customer chooses the appropriate service and types in their ZIP code, the business that most closely matches what they're looking for will appear and display the business's overview and list of reviews. 

By running an LSA, your business will potentially show up as a match for a new customer if you offer a service that they need within your area, and this can help you generate more leads. 

There you have it! If your home services business is interested in getting started with LSAs, visit our Local Services Ads page today!

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