Bing ad campaign targets younger viewers

A new advertising partnership between Bing and the CW television network will provide behind-the-scenes content for season premieres of popular shows and new offerings, Search Engine Watch reports.

By teaming with the CW, Bing intends to gain additional exposure to a younger crowd, a majority of whom likely use Google as their primary search engine. Plus, CW can utilize Bing's "internet clout" to reel in new viewers.

Bing's advertisements will be customized to each of its shows - such as Gossip Girl, America's Next Top Model and The Vampire Diaries. They will feature interviews with each show's cast and crewmembers, who will answer questions about plot lines, upcoming characters and other pertinent information. Users will be able to view full interviews on the CW/Bing website.

Bing's blog points out that the ad campaigns will be multi-platform, and extend to smartphones as well. In total, 50 different ads have been made, many of which will appear during each show's premiere, Advertising Age reports.

Business owners attempting to reach a larger audience may want to consider a similar customized and integrated form of advertisement.