Bing Ads to take different direction than Adwords Enhanced Campaigns

Bing has officially responded to the new Google Adwords Enhanced Campaigns two months after Google's initial announcement. So far, Google's new ad program has affected many marketers and their local search and ad campaigns. In a statement on the Bing Ads blog, Dare Obasanjo, program manager for Bing Ads, said that the enhanced campaigns have led companies to change the way they manage their Adwords accounts and made it clear that Bing would not be implementing changes like those of Google's Adwords and Bing Ads users shouldn't worry.

Advertisers are reportedly having trouble targeting devices with the new Adwords structure. The changes have caused many Bing advertisers to question whether Bing will be taking on similar advances. However, the search engine enforced its emphasis on giving advertisers full control over their campaigns and the need for "maximum transparency" within their own advertising actions.

Bing also announced that new updates are forthcoming. Marketers should expect changes at the end of the third quarter of 2013. Future Bing efforts include supported Adwords campaigns and enhanced bid functionality to assist negative bid percentages and mobile and location targeting. These features are meant to work better with Adwords Enhanced Campaign features.