Bing aims to control social media, mobile

Bing's recent partnerships in both social media and mobile sectors may have positioned it to overtake Google as the search engine leader, according to Econsultancy.

The company's collaboration with Facebook to optimize local search results adds an interesting advantage to Bing's search model. By pulling data from Facebook, such as "likes" and recommendations, Bing is able to personalize the web search for every user.

"Bing and Facebook are collaborating to create a search experience that doesn't exist at the moment," Qi Lu, director of Microsoft Online Services, told the news source. "Whats missing from search is the trusted opinion of people you value."

In addition, Bing has partnered with Research in Motion, the developer of the Blackberry, to become the smartphone's default search engine. It already formed a partnership with Nokia earlier this year to become its primary choice for search as well.

With the predicted rise in mobile marketing over the next few years, Bing has placed itself in a profitable position.

CNET notes that statistics from research firm Complete confirm that Bing is slowly eating into Google's market share. In May, Google lost nearly 16 percent of its share, year-over-year. Bing, on the other hand, increased its share by 75 percent during the same time period.