Bing and Firefox team up for searches

A recent agreement between Firefox and Bing will likely set Microsoft's search engine up to receive a greater number of inquiries for local search, Search Engine Watch reports.

Bing and Firefox have been working in tandem since last year, when it was announced that Mozilla added Bing as an option in its search bar.

Today, it was reported that the pair have agreed to a more intimate service called Firefox with Bing, which will allow Firefox users to use Bing for in inqueries such as local search "without having to take extra steps to navigate or customize their settings to Bing," Bing's blog notes.

This version places a Bing search box in a Firefox user's default homepage. If a person already has Firefox installed, he or she will only need to download an add-on to set similar preferences.

The news comes at a time when Mozilla's three-year agreement with Google - which began in August 2008 - is nearing completion, Search Engine Watch adds. The news source suggests that this move may be intended to improve Microsoft's revenue stream, which is currently in the red.