Bing partners with Klout to make search more social

Bing recently partnered with Klout to bring expert opinions to the top of local search results. Klout is a site that aggregates data from social media users' activities on Twitter, LinkedIn, Foursquare and Facebook to determine each person's level of social influence. Users are assigned a score from 1 to 100 that fluctuates based on who retweets your Twitter activity or who and how many people like your Facebook content.

The Klout ranking algorithm is complex and still unclear, yet Bing will host a new service called Klout Experts, which will allow people with high Klout scores to answer very specific user queries, in 300 words or less, that will be featured at the top of Bing search results.

"In the real world, when I have questions about specific subjects, there are certain people I always go to because they know so much about them ... Oftentimes, however, there are questions I have where the expertise to answer them lives beyond my personal network" said Joe Fernandez, Klout CEO, in the partnership announcement.

There are already 150,000 questions that Klout Experts have answered, which come from Bing searches that have not turned up answers users were looking for. The questions were then asked of and answered by Klout Experts, which Bing hopes will add better results and more reliance on human-powered data through search.