Bing shopping receives upgrades to filters and Facebook sharing

Bing recently enhanced its shopping capabilities in order to improve its user experience and simplify the product search process, Search Engine Watch reports.

Among the additions are the ability to add filters directly through the search bar, view discounted items, show only results from frequented stores and share shopping lists via Facebook.

Bing's blog notes that it has transferred filters from a sidebar to the search box in order to streamline user actions. The most common filters are shown directly in the search area, allowing a person to narrow down the product search with ease.

Furthermore, if a discounted price is available for a product, it will be viewable next to the listing. An additional "price reduced" filter has also been added within the search box.

Bing has also integrated its relationship with Facebook by allowing users to share shopping lists with friends. The option to limit who can view the list is now available, instead of forcing the user to broadcast his or her shopping finds to the entire newsfeed.