Bing simplifies mall navigation

Navigating a large mall can be a cumbersome endeavor without directions. Plus, finding a directory in a mall can be a hassle, and the vagueness of some maps leaves consumers even more confused than before.

Bing has aimed to accommodate mall-goers with a mobile app for iOS, Android, Windows Phone 7 and RIM devices that allows users to view a mall directory on the go, according to ZDNet. Search Engine Watch points out that the software shows all stores, as well as kiosks, ATMs and restrooms.

Initially launched in December of last year, Bing's list of accommodated malls has since grown to 148, and includes nine of the country's largest shopping centers.

The Mobile Mall Map feature lets users pan through the map, split the screen between a list of the stores and a mini-map or view a full-screen display. As a consumer walks through a complex, store locations become highlighted so bearings are never lost. Furthermore, users can click on a store name to view its information, while data from social sites that specialize in local search are incorporated into the software to offer deals on nearby stores.