Bing to power Baidu's English organic results

No other search engine had staked claim in Chinese web services company Baidu since Google dropped coverage due to its inability to agree with the Chinese government's censorship policies, Search Engine Watch reports.

However, the news source notes in a separate article that Baidu was still looking to improve its English language search results. Because its search index is built around the Chinese language, English searches tend to get lost in the shuffle.

In an attempt to fill its English search gap, Bing recently partnered with Baidu, a move which will benefit both parties. Bing had issues increasing its international search growth, while Baidu was lacking in results for the most common English searches, such as business-to-business and educational research.

The partnership's benefits can be seen, for example, if a user in China conducts a search for a product or service on Baidu. After viewing the site's typical advertisements and listings, indented Bing results will appear, with a "provided by Bing" message attached to them.

If a user clicks on the Bing logo, they'll instantly be redirected to Bing's search results for that same product or service.