Get Facebook feedback on Bing search results

Bing's recent update, which lets Facebook users comment on search results, has a variety of implications for businesses looking to enhance their local search engine optimization efforts.

The Share on Facebook capability meshes the popular social networking site with search results from Bing. The feature can be used for everyday use such as receiving feedback from friends about a local restaurant or shop, or for businesses as a way to generate "likes" and interest for a company or brand.

"You bring your friends along today for all sorts of decisions. We want to do the same thing with search," Stefan Weitz, director of Bing Search, tells the Mercury News.

At the moment, the feature is only available on Apple's mobile operating system, but will be accessible on other platforms, such as Android, in the future.

Bing's new drop down map and direction split-view addition are handy accompaniments to its Facebook sharing functionality. If a user receives good feedback about a local business, he or she can use the enhanced maps feature to reach the destination.

Furthermore, the innovation allows people using the Bing iPhone app to view an expandable map that changes as each step in the directions is completed.