Microsoft focuses on local search with new Bing Offers

Microsoft instituted Bing Offers yesterday, the newest addition to its spotlight on local search with discounts and sales aggregation. Bing Offers has replaced the old Bing Deals, and it now collects offers from daily group-focused deal sites, such as Groupon and LivingSocial, rather than collecting random offers from around the web. The biggest difference, according to many sources, is that Bing Offers focuses mostly on offers from local businesses near each particular user. Products and services are sorted by type and location, and Bing Offers works on both PCs and mobile devices.

Though they have similar names, Bing Offers will not compete with Google Offers, which provides its own deals that Google users can take advantage of. Instead, Bing Offers competes with lesser-know deal aggregators Yipit, Dealupa, Dealery and BlueKangaroo. This could prove to be a smart move by Microsoft, as a recent Raymond James survey of almost 300 individuals found that approximately 66 percent of those surveyed use Google, Yahoo and Bing for PC searches and 87 percent use Google or Yahoo when using a mobile device to search for products or services.