Study: Bing's Facebook fans use its search engine more often

A study was recently conducted as part of a collaboration between Facebook and digital business analytics company comScore to determine how fans interact with branded content on Facebook, Search Engine Land reports.

The research revealed that fans of Bing are more likely to use the search engine for inquires, compared to regular Bing users.

According to the study, Bing's Facebook fans conduct 68 percent more searches on its site than the average user, while friends of Bing fans perform 27 percent more searches.

Furthermore, the search engine's fans were 55 percent more likely to visit its homepage, while their friends were 33 percent more inclined to go to

In addition, fans and friends of fans outperformed total internet users in Bing searches per seacher, searches per session, searches per usage day and search usage days.

The news source notes that much of the correlation may be due to the relationship between the two companies, and Bing's integration of Facebook recommendations on its search results.

According to comScore's website, the study also profiled Starbucks and Southwest Airlines, with the overall goal to help brands tweak their social marketing initiatives based on fan influence.