All the Digital Marketing News You Need to Know From July 2018

July is coming to a close, and as usual, there have been a lot of updates in the digital marketing world. From Google Posts adding a new call-to-action button to a Yext and Alexa integration, it’s been a big month.

Here’s the digital marketing news you should know from July 2018:

  1. Google added a “call now” button to Posts.

If you’re not already using Google Posts to take control of what local consumers see about your business in searches, now is the time to start. Google Posts allows you to create short updates that show up directly in search results, and you can add a call-to-action button.

And, now that call-to-action can direct consumers to call your business. This is a great way to promote new specials and get your phone ringing.

  1. Yext integrated its information into Amazon Alexa.

Yext is now submitting business listing information (name, address, phone number and hours of operation so far) to Amazon. Amazon will use this information to answer questions posed to Alexa, its smart speaker, about local businesses.

While the company plans to add more information in the future, this is huge since until now, any local business info Alexa uses has come from Yelp.

Since Yelp listings aren’t always claimed, and the information can be incorrect, the information from Yext should help give consumers accurate information about businesses in their area. According to Yext, this will “give businesses control over the answers Alexa provides about them."

If you’re a RevLocal client, we use Yext to streamline your listings, so this is good news for you!

  1. Twitter’s fighting trolls again—this time by removing inactive accounts.

Any locked accounts belonging to users who have failed to validate their accounts after suspicious activity will be deleted.

Here’s what the social network had to say in a recent Twitter blog post:

As part of our ongoing and global effort to build trust and encourage healthy conversation on Twitter, every part of the service matters. Follower counts are a visible feature, and we want everyone to have confidence that the numbers are meaningful and accurate.

Large accounts with a significant number of followers will probably see a bigger drop in followers, and Twitter’s Twitter account stands to lose the most followers. Other accounts should expect to see a drop in followers, though that drop won’t be as large.

We’ve been watching our Twitter account and haven’t seen a drop in followers, but we’ll update you if this does happen.