Digital Marketing News - June 2018

June 2018 was a big month for digital marketing news. In this article, we're bringing you the highlights in an easy-to-scan format so you can get your news and move on with your day!

Here's your digital marketing news for June:

Google News From June 2018

  1. Google is simplifying its product branding.

As part of a push to make it easier for businesses and agencies to create better, more trustworthy ads and improve the user experience, Google is simplifying a few products as well as their branding:

  • Google AdWords
  • Google DoubleClick
  • Google Analytics 360 Suite
  • Google DoubleClick for Publishers
  • Google DoubleClick Ad Exchange

What changed with Google’s products?

  • Google AdWords will be called Google Ads with added features that make it easy for small businesses to get started with advertising their businesses online
  • Google’s DoubleClick and Google Analytics 360 Suite are merging to become Google Marketing Platform to make it easier to use analytics and ads together
  • DoubleClick for Publishers and DoubleClick Ad Exchange are also merging with the intention to help advertisers manage their businesses more efficiently

These changes will be rolling out over the next month, and we are excited to use these improved tools to boost our clients’ advertising success!

  1. Google announced that it is fighting back against spam in search results.

Google has been working to improve search results by taking these actions:

  • Providing webmaster guidelines
  • Conducting meet-ups with more than 220,000 website owners in 2017
  • Answering questions through Google’s support forum
  • Sending 6 million manual action messages in 2017
  1. In even more Google news, Google announced Google My Business Agency Dashboard in early June.

This dashboard will help agencies manage the Google My Business listings of multi-location businesses.

According to the article that announced the new dashboard, here’s how this will help agencies like RevLocal manage and improve our cilents’ Google presence:

  • We can manage all locations of a business in the same account
  • We can easily invite people to manage listings
  • All locations will be under a location group, making it easy to manage locations
  • Google created user groups so agencies can manage their teams and determine who has access to location groups
  • The dashboard allows you to search for locations

Social Media News From June 2018

  1. Facebook is taking action against low-quality businesses.

To identify businesses with misleading ads (think inaccurate shipping times) the social network has set up a way for people to give feedback and identify businesses with less than stellar practices. Here’s how it works:

  • The buyer clicks on their Ads Activity tab
  • There, they can view ads they’ve clicked and leave feedback
  • Facebook uses this feedback to determine if a business is being dishonest in its ads
  • Facebook will alert the business before taking action so that the business can make improvements
  • If a business has too much negative feedback and doesn’t improve its processes, Facebook will limit the ads the business can run
  • The advertiser could eventually be banned if it doesn’t improve
  1. Twitter is trying to eliminate trolls and bots.

Twitter trolls abound, but here are some actions the platform is taking to reduce their prevalence:

  • Twitter will require a phone or email confirmation when you set up a new account
  • The platform is blocking people who have created multiple accounts in quick succession
  • Using AI to detect trolls