Introducing Reveal 3.0: Marketing Analytics Simplified

We’d like to introduce you to Reveal 3.0, your all-in-one marketing analytics platform.

With Reveal, you can track all your marketing data in the same place. Take a look at your enhanced, visual dashboards, easy leads tracking and management and better Google My Business tracking in the video below.

What You Get With Reveal 3.0

  1. Interactive Dashboards - Track only the marketing data that matters most to your business’s bottom line within your interactive dashboards. You’ll see a breakdown of how customers are finding you online and what actions they’re taking across your marketing and advertising campaigns.
  2. Leads Management - Internet leads are great, but what happens next? In your leads management dashboard, you and your marketing strategist can view and follow up with leads and turn that click into a customer.
  3. Google My Business Tracking - Ready to find out how your online presence is affecting your sales? See how many customers have viewed your Google My Business listing and called or clicked for directions.

Forget spreadsheets and complicated analytics reporting platforms.

Tracking the success of your marketing campaigns is easier than ever with Reveal’s features. It’s as easy as ever to use and understand, but with these enhanced features, you’ll get even more bang for your marketing buck.

Talk to your marketing strategist today to learn how to improve your strategy with Reveal 3.0. Or, check out this blog post to learn more about understanding your marketing analytics.