Advances in Facebook marketing coming in 2012

Two new Facebook ad tools are likely to change the way brands market their companies and products over the social networking site, Search Engine Watch reports.

One technology, CalmSea, is all about permissions. According to the news source, it "enables you to create a conversion-based offer that can be accessed via a website, email, tweet, mobile device or Facebook page." This can include sweepstakes, private sales, group buys or coupons.

When using online coupons, CalmSea differs in the amount of demographic information it collects. While typical intelligence obtained during the couponing process may include clicks, shares, redemptions and other form-related entries, CalmSea adds an additional prompt that asks for Facebook authorization in exchange for coupon access. This will include three to four Facebook permissions to provide brands with extra data points such as likes, interests, demographics and friends.

It then takes the interactions that result from a given offer, combines them with purchase data from software such as Google Analytics, and generates insight on customers with the highest levels of engagement, profitability and influence. This helps improve return on investment analysis and the creation of predictive models to determine which potential customers to cater to.

According to Vivek Subramanian, vice president of products for CalmSea, the company is already seeing "upwards of a 70 percent acceptance rate on the permissions authorization for branded apps," the news source notes.

Another platform, called InfiniGraph, "aggregates Facebook and Twitter data for the purpose of identifying relevant (real-time) affinities, content and interests that are trending around a particular brand, product or industry," the media outlet explains.

As a result, brand managers will gain improved performance on their Facebook ads because they'll receive new targeted keywords, as well as a clearer picture of content delivery mechanisms.

"Humans can’t keep up with trending content, nor can they see how content trends across multiple Facebook pages containing fans with similar interest," Chase McMichael, president of InfiniGraph, explains. This technology removes the legwork of determining trending topics from the process.

TechCrunch reports that Facebook is close to unveiling its new ad initiative, Sponsored Stories, which will place marketing messages from companies into a user's newsfeed.

While this is a noticeable change from typical Facebook ads that previously appeared on side columns, Sponsored Stories will benefit marketers because users are more likely to read and internalize the brand's message if it appears among the typical news stories.