Facebook etiquette increasingly important

Social networks are increasingly being used for business purposes because of the high volume of users that companies can extend their reach to.

AllFacebook notes that the business-focused trend on Facebook can be seen in a recent Creative Group study of 500 advertisers and marketers, which revealed that 21 percent of respondents' friends were business or professional contacts.

In addition, 46 percent of those polled said they currently use Facebook for professional purposes, while 56 percent expect to use the social network for business within the next three years.

AllFacebook gives pointers for proper Facebook etiquette, now that both friends and business contacts will be reading updates.

First, divide friends and professional contacts into two separate lists, to ensure they won't be bombarded with random updates about the day's activities that aren't business related. Modifying privacy settings can accomplish this. Also, avoid any negative connotations about current and former employers.

Furthermore, the news source recommends connecting with contacts by sharing their posts or offering advice if they ask for ideas. Creating albums with completed projects or updates is also a simple way to connect with contacts and showcase skills.