Facebook fans aren't necessarily local

A recent study conducted by technology company Roost found that a majority of small business' Facebook fans aren't local, PCMag reports.

A total of 800 small businesses with a Facebook page were polled for the study, which revealed only 15 percent of a local company's "fans" are actually located in the city the business is in.

"These initial findings are a real eye-opener in the world of SMB social marketing," said Roost CEO Alex Chang, quoted by the news source.

In light of Google's new AdWords Express feature and the anticipation many business owners have expressed about Google +'s soon-to-be-launched business profiles, Facebook has tried to up the ante for its small business support.

The recently released Facebook for Business acts as a resource for SMBs to increase their visibility on the social networking site.

Search Engine Land notes that by unveiling these facts, business owners using Facebook may realize they're only reaching a small portion of users compared to what they previously believed. The study didn't give statistics regarding the average distance from fan to business.