Facebook Graph Search a key player in local search marketing

Facebook Graph Search is revolutionizing how people search for common interests, liked pages and other mutual connections, meaning local search will take on an entirely new meaning. In some ways, Graph may even challenge Google or other local search engine functions, making it more important for customers to be able to find businesses on search engines, or they will look elsewhere. Integrating online platforms makes each user experience unique yet equally important, and marketers need to make sure they deliver to their target audience in case consumers are trying to get in touch.

Think about the future
Graph Search is becoming increasingly popular, and while not all people utilize it when searching for local businesses, it is gaining momentum. Optimizing for local search may mean more to marketers in the coming months than it does now. With the emphasis on user convenience and sharing mutual interests, online platforms are making information more accessible and usable. For this very reason, companies should make sure their websites display adequate contact information and are optimized to show up in one of the top spots when users search for their type of company or industry.

In order to get more use out of the website and gain new views from interested prospects, Direct Marketing News suggests having ample and relevant landing pages, incorporating mobile, making sure company information is easy to understand and that webmaster tools are in place for best Google and search engine practices.

Chief Marketer touts the Facebook Graph Search as something that could help local pages outperform national pages on search engines. While larger brands may have a stronger presence, people are most likely interacting with local businesses on a more regular basis. In fact, today's customers are more willing to interact with customer service for local businesses than they are for larger corporations. In other words, some consumers may seek out companies online and initiate communication. Local search marketing efforts should make this easy and entirely possible. If not, companies are missing out on valuable opportunities.

Merge wisely
In terms of merging local search and Facebook Graph Search efforts, Chief Marketer says it's important to look at how many people interact with the Facebook page and determine whether the company should investing in local search options. It may also be worthwhile to look at how Graph Searches and EdgeRank algorithms affect company visibility on search engines as well as social media accounts, such as Facebook, to make sure everything is running smoothly and working out to the company's advantage.