Facebook Messenger strives to be all-in-one messaging app

Facebook recently released an extension of the messages feature on its site called Messenger, which connects contacts and Facebook friends in one succinct app, Search Engine Watch reports.

Messenger is a separate application from the Facebook app itself, and lets users message both contacts from their mobile devices as well as their Facebook friends, with the ability to view conversation history on both smartphones and the web.

Lucy Zhang, co-founder of Beluga and Facebook engineer, notes on the Facebook blog that Messenger was created to be the primary way to reach someone on a mobile device. Instead of contemplating whether to text or email, or worrying about whether the other party received a message, Messenger lets a person click "send" with the assurance that the other person will receive the transpondence quickly.

Furthermore, a group chat option is available, with the ability to message more than one person at once. Plus, each person can add a location and attach photos to keep the group updated on their whereabouts.

The feature is available for both iPhone and Android.