Facebook to expand its social verbs

In an attempt to build a "new social shopping experience" for its customers, Facebook and eBay have teamed up to add new social verbs, "Want" and "Own," ClickZ reports.

Ebay clients, including American Eagle Outfitters, Dick's Sporting Goods, Calvin Klein, Bath & Body Works and nearly 175 others, will be able to include "Want" and "Own" buttons in their online shopping experience - similar to Facebook's "Like" button.

The online auction company's integration with Facebook means that if a consumer accesses one of its client's sites using Facebook and clicks one of the new verb buttons, his or her actions will become visible on their Facebook news feed.

"Once the new 'Want' and 'Own' buttons do go live ... customers who click them can expect to see the activity show up in their Facebook activity," Johnna Hoff, eBay spokesperson, told the news source ClickZ. "Their friends will then be able to see the items they want, or even already own, and can check out the items for themselves."

This is big news for retailers, who can now use Facebook's "algorithmic ad-targeting system" to compile user purchase data and create targeted offers based off of this information.