Facebook users dissatisfied with site, Google + gains momentum

The 12th annual American Customer Satisfaction Index (ACSI) E-Business Report was released this week, and it revealed that Facebook was among the lowest-scoring companies across social media, search engines and online news categories.

Google's up and coming social network, Google +, had yet to be released at the time of the report. However, Facebook's low scores may provide an avenue for a new social network to take over.

"We don't know yet how Google+ will fare, but what we do know is that Google is one of the highest-scoring companies in the ACSI and Facebook is one of the lowest,” said Larry Freed, president and CEO of customer analytics firm ForeSee Results.

The report also notes that Bing has closed the gap on Google as the most well-received search engine. Freed notes that in 2010, Google's satisfaction score was three points higher than Bing's - that number has since been reduced to one.

All Facebook points out that Google + has already amassed more than 10 million users, and small businesses may want to consider striking while the iron's hot, and add their company's account to the network when it unveils its business pages in the coming months.