Facebook will let users link to Twitter

In a document sent to its developers, Facebook recently announced that it will allow users to update Twitter accounts from their Facebook profiles, BBC reports.

The move will exclude Google+, and is "widely seen" as a response to changes made by Twitter earlier this month that made it easier to send tweets directly to a Facebook account.

Facebook's new tweeting feature doesn't have a specific launch date. However, when the integration does take place, Facebook users will be allowed to sync Twitter accounts with Facebook updates. Prior to this, linking to Twitter was only possible from Facebook pages - which were typically reserved for bands, public figures or businesses - through a third-party account.

The announcement comes at the same time as Facebook's unveiling of its new "subscription" feature, which is viewed as somewhat similar to Twitter's "follower" function.

Facebook spokespeople told the news source that the integration of the social media platforms will take place "soon."

According to Facebook's information page about the merger, users will be able to specifically choose the types of updates they want to share, such as status updates, links, photos, notes or event creations.