Is Facebook Local Search underutilized?

There are ample opportunities for Facebook users to search and get in touch with brands on the social media platform, meaning marketers need to make sure they engage in social media for best local SEO practices. But Search Engine Watch recently questioned whether Facebook was really being utilized to its full potential.

Local optimization is key, but it is a relatively new medium that marketers are still getting used to. Plus, there have been a variety of changes - such as the recent name change from Facebook "Nearby" to "Local Search" - in the local search realm that have kept SEOs busy. For this reason, professional services are oftentimes be the best option for many organizations.

There are plenty of ways users can find local businesses using Facebook apps, but marketers need to properly optimize to make their brand visible. Search Engine Watch pointed out that the social media giant is taking initiative to making local search a more integral part of the site. However, companies need to take advantage of the opportunities at their fingertips, such as Facebook Graph Search and the vast network of ways users can interact with the social platform.