Local retailers need to utilize Graph Search

Retailers looking to expand their local market and garner new sales from their surrounding community should take advantage of local SEO. Because local strategies are a large part of how businesses engage with their immediate consumer base, companies should start planning SEO strategies as soon as possible to gain maximum online visibility.

Search Engine Land points out there there are three main reasons retailers should use local SEO as well as the Facebook Graph Search to gain new customers:

  • Cohesive campaigns
  • Up-to-date marketing strategies
  • Measuring success

Right now, there are obvious links between Facebook and Google search tactics, but Search Engine Land predicts they might combine forces behind the scenes and develop a way to integrate bigger SEO strategies. This means retailers should prepare their social media campaigns to align with search engine marketing strategies.

Web Commerce Solutions suggests starting the local SEO process by creating great content and understanding the ideal consumer base. In addition, building contacts online and connecting with them via social media and blogs can boost the reputability of the site and make it ready for interested visitors.