Manage Your Facebook Page in 3 Easy Steps

[IMAGE left medium] As a business owner or self-employed professional, your online presence is important to be competitive in today’s global marketplace. Reaching out through social media is a huge opportunity to engage customers, develop loyalty, and drive sales. But the downside is keeping up with content and posts. Small business owners and those who only do business online may not have a lot of time and resources to devote to social media management. That makes getting organized and using posting and scheduling tools key to successfully managing your business Facebook page. Use these easy steps to get ideas for content, schedule posts, and stay connected with page visitors in as little as five minutes a day.

Use Post Planner and Status Ideas Engine

Don’t let your posting taper off or trail into no activity at all. You need engaging posts on a continuous basis to get the most out of your Facebook page. At the beginning of the week, take five minutes with Post Planner and the Status Ideas Engine. Get ideas for posts and schedule posts for the whole week. This free tool takes the guesswork out of creating effective posts and makes keeping up with posting easy and efficient.

Reply to Comments

Always reply to comments, every comment, in an entertaining way if possible. Don’t let your page become a static wasteland. When your audience takes the time to comment, make sure you make the time to reply, even (or maybe especially) if the comment is negative. Make it a habit to check your page every day at the same time. Reply to comments and use the commenter’s first name in an open, friendly way.

Use Facebook Insights Every Week

You need to keep an eye on how customers and prospective customers are using your page. Don’t make the mistake of putting your page on the Internet and then letting it drop to the bottom of your To Do list. You don’t have to have sophisticated analytical skills to look at and understand the activity your page is generating. Facebook insights make it easy to see how many comments your posts get, when comments are coming in, Like rates, Comment rates, and Click rates for activity on your page. You can even view your Facebook insights inside Post Planner. Why not use insights offered and engineered by Facebook? Schedule a regular time each week to review insights as part of your content development and post planning.

Do you think you don’t have time to manage your Facebook page? Don’t understand how social media management works? Stop making excuses and start actively managing your Facebook page today. All it takes is a little planning and consistent attention in minutes a day to get the most out of Facebook for your business.